Chatpter 1: “The most important traffic regulations”


When you play a game or have a competition with someone, there are always rules to make things fair. At school and in class, there are also rules. What happens if someone breaks the rules of a game, or breaks school rules?

What happens if someone breaks traffic rules?

The most important traffic rule.

“Everyone must be considerate, stay alert and be cautious, to avoid danger or serious injury and to make sure other road users are not unneccessarily obstructed or disturbed.”

Some of these words might be difficult to understand. Stay alert means paying attention. Considerate means being careful. A simpler way to say it is this:

You will show consideration, pay attention and be careful in traffic. This will avoid accidents and means that everyone can safely get where there want to go.

This rule applies to everyone, whether walking, cycling or driving.

Can you give examples of what it means to pay attention and be considerate to others on the road?

Traffic words:


Someone walking on or or around roads.


Someone riding a bicycle on or around roads.

Road user

Anyone on or around roads.

Traffic rules

Rules and laws about what is and isn’t allowed.


Anything that can be driven, for example a bicycle, car, bus, truck or a tractor.

Did you know…?

In the average week we spend 9 hours travelling. That’s about one and a quarter hours per day.

Do outside

Go for a walk near school. Where do you think you need to take extra special care? Did you see anyone driving with consideration? How many different road users did you see? How many different kinds of vehicle did you see?

Do inside

Draw or find pictures of different vehicles in traffic. Glue them together to make a poster to hang up in your classroom.

Can you remember?

-Why do we need traffic rules?

-What is the most important rule?

-Who needs to know the most important rule?


Do you think traffic rules are the same in all countries?