Road signs


Tell, inform, warn, prohibited, information signs, symbols, round, square, triangular

Learning outcomes

You will learn about:

Why we need road signs.

Some common signs for pedestrians and what they mean.

Road signs

Road signs are there to inform us about something, to warn that something might be dangerous, or to show that something is either prohibited or required.

What does the word “prohibited” mean?

Have you seen any of these road signs before?

Why do you think they have different shapes and colours?

Signs for pedestrians

There are many different types of road sign, almost 300 in total. Many signs only apply to those who drive or cycle, but some apply to all road users. You will now learn about the signs you need to know so you can walk safely around the roads.

Pedestrian crossing

You can cross the road here. Pedestrian crossings are also marked with white stripes across the road.

Pavement or Sidewalk

This path is for people who walk.

Bus Stop

Busses stop here.

Pedestrians prohibited

You are not allowed to walk here.

Pedestrians and cyclists prohibited

You are not allowed to walk or cycle here.

Do outside

How many road signs can you find near your school? Draw them, and write down what they mean.

Do inside

What does it mean if something is prohibited or forbidden?

Why is it important to take notice of road signs?

What do you think would happen if there were no road signs?