Walking near roads


School bus, roads, pedestrians, cyclist, rules, pavement, sidewalk, foot and cycle path, pedestrian crossing, corner, bike helmet, bus stop, high visibility vest, traffic lights, signs, driver, passenger, seatbelt, reflector.

Learning outcomes

You will learn about:

- rules when walking along a road

- rules when crossing a road

- what is different between walking alone or when many are walking together near roads.

On the way to school

Roads are often busy around schools. Children get to school in different ways. Some come by car, some by bus, some walk and some cycle. Is your school like this? How do you get to school?

Walking alone

If you have a short journey to school, perhaps you walk by yourself. It’s important to use a route you have practised together with an adult. Always take the safest route, and pay attention to the traffic around you. What does it mean to pay attention to traffic?

Walking with friends

Some classmates live near each other and walk to school together. When walking together, it’s easy to get distracted by things other than the traffic. It’s important to stay aware, and remember traffic rules even when you are talking and having fun.

Walking with adults

Many adults walk their kids to school. Sometimes it’s a parent or another adult you know who takes several children. Even if you are with an adult, you should be aware and pay attention.

By car

If you are being driven, you have to wear a seatbelt. Before getting out of the car, be careful and look around. Open the door and get out by the side of the road or straight onto the pavement. Never get out of a car directly into the road.

By bus

Some who live far away from school might take the bus. It’s important to sit quietly so as not to disturb the driver. Use a seatbelt if there is one. Do you know anyone who comes by car or bus to school?

By bicycle

Do you know anyone who cycles to school? You can cycle on the pavement, on foot and cycle paths, or on the right hand side of the road. Cyclists must also follow traffic rules and pay attention to other road users.